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Allsoft Ecommerce

Allsoft Ecommerce is a global billing and payment processing solution, which allows businesses all over the world increase their revenue in online sales. We act as an intermediary, providing your clients with all necessary payment options and methods (including customer support) and helping you to acquire and retain new sources of income. Seamlessly. Safely. Confidently.

How it works

Allsoft Ecommerce is an agile, stable and scalable solution, which offers very flexible and very convenient monetization. It’s quite simple. A “Buy” button and a customer cart with a payment option appear on your website, and we take on responsibility for billing, payment processing, giving a link for downloading and an activation key to a customer.

7 reasons to choose Allsoft Ecommerce

  • Expertise. We have more than 20 years of e-commerce experience.

  • Reliability. Many companies, including more than 100 big clients (Kaspersky, Dr.Web, Abbyy, Parallels, Auslogics) have trusted us for many years. We deserved it.

  • Convenience. We use more than 50 local payment methods and make the purchase process quick and simple, maximizing renewals.

  • Compliance. Allsoft Ecommerce is a global solution, and our legal department controls the compliance with international and local standards on every market.

  • Advanced marketing tools. We know how to make your customers buy more and be pleased with it.

  • Flexibility. We offer customizable user interface and adapt our payment solutions to specific needs of every new market.

  • Live Customer Support. We take care of each of your customers and are always ready to answer all their questions (we provide e-mail assistance and local support in native languages).

Enter the global market

Thousands of potential customers become available for your business with Allsoft Ecommerce. Thousands of those who could buy your goods or services, bit just didn’t know how to do it. Or maybe they even haven’t heard about you. Yet. We remove barriers to signup, making your customers act and buy more confidently with localized payment methods and currencies.

Increase the conversion

We offer more than 50 local payment methods, so none of your customers will abandon your website because he couldn’t find the most appropriate type of payment. No more useless clicks and disappointment, we’ll research your market and analyze your customers’ needs. We can increase the conversion rate at least by 15% for your online store. At least, that’s for the beginning. We listen to your customers, we hear them and we know what they want. Every day, always. Your customers will buy your products in several clicks: quickly, easily, securely.

Use our marketing expertise

We have considerable experience in marketing, which includes but is not limited by cross-sell, up-sell, discounts, email marketing, abandoned cart management. We’re constantly monitoring different markets dynamics, we are aware of all latest marketing trends and successfully apply them. We know your potential customers even if they still don’t know you. Acquirement and retention of new clients have never been so easy and affordable.

Sell safely. Simply. Globally

We work in compliance with all international norms and standards, including local legislative regulations. Our legal department is always aware of all latest changes and amendments on each market: data privacy, taxation, security. Working with us is simple from the very first stage of our cooperation as we know the value of time and optimize all processes to several simple actions, that neither you nor your customers have to think about what to do next and how. Just try it and enjoy growing your revenue!

Contact us

If you are interested in cooperation or have a counter offer, please contact us: dev@allsoftglobal.com

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